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Warsaw – the capital of Poland - is a unique city, located in the centre of Europe. Its population is estimated to 1.7 million residents. You will be truly fascinated by the history and atmosphere of this magnificent city, which combines the influences of Western and Eastern Europe, and where tradition meets modernity. City, where many national uprisings deciding about the today's history of Poland has been initiated, including adoption of Constitution of May 3, 1791 (first constitution in Europe), November Uprising (1830-31), January Uprising (1863-64) and Battle of Warsaw in 1920 as well as Uprising in Warsaw Getto in 1943 and Warsaw Uprising in 1944.  

Warsaw will surely enchant you. We invite you to get to know this city full of contrasts, where historical monuments and modern architecture coexist in every street. Historical palaces, buildings and architectural complexes, destroyed during World War II, were reconstructed with such faith that it is impossible to distinguish the originals from their authentic counterparts. Complicated and difficult history of Warsaw is easy to perceive while walking its downtown streets and visiting museums. The typically-urban construction is immerged in open spaces of green squares and municipal parks. Warsaw has the music of Frederic Chopin and many mementoes connected with this most famous Polish composer.

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